Alongside eight Colombian brands that represent the best of Latin American design and DNA, Colombiamoda reaffirms its commitment to the internationalization of Colombian fashion.

We are a swimwear and resortwear brand whose prints are colorful, the silhouettes simple yet of superior quality. Acquerello pieces are made to tell stories, to connect with their surroundings, the water, and to be visible in activities involving it. 

We are a colombian swimwear brand that firmly believes the new definition of luxury is being conscious. Consciously and carefully, we find the best fabrics made from recyclable plastic or cleaner processes that reduce the carbon footprint, and we surround ourselves with globally recognized suppliers certified for their honest and environmentally friendly production processes.

We believe in the power of craftsmanship with our personal touch. We are a Colombian fashion brand that cherishes the art of handmade luxury, where every stitch tells a story and tradition transcends time. Each piece is a testament to the meticulous work of artisans who put their hearts into their creations.  

We fill each collection with detail; each silhouette is designed for different body types, for women who want to be comfortable, timeless, and classic at the same time. Drawing inspiration from the Colombian nature to tell a story and carry a common thread that adds value to each print. 

We are a Colombian brand renowned for our use of Colombian fabrics and traditional techniques like embroidery, lending the brand a unique and authentic appearance. Our collections are designed for the modern woman who values comfort, joy, quality, and style.

Our brand was born from the need for expression of women to print their personal stamp when dressing to feel different and express their creativity to the maximum, arises from a journey through artisan cultures, where detail is important, where personalization and decoration in architecture, art and the environment plays a very important role, we extract shapes and textures from different countries, but above all we highlight the process of Colombian embroidery to give it our own touch where the artisan techniques of Putumayo indigenous (Colombia), combined with hand embroidered dresses in old Singer machine by grandmothers who inherited this art combine perfectly, also play a very important role the hand embroidery and the combination of textures that reflect that eclectic and different world.

Zelma is a fabric built by women that seeks to remember our roots and our nature, guided by the wild soul that dwells within each of us. We create timeless pieces handwoven through the movement and sensuality of the female body where we honor artisanal practices, highlighting the innovative and authentic work woven in our country.